Steven and Heather Home for Lunch
Shy tiger productions presents Home for Lunch

'This is unapologetically accessible and entertaining theatre...' '...laugh out loud with recognition' - The Age

'Incisive… plenty of humour thanks to the witty one liners'… - The Jewish News

'Identification Theatre For Retirees'… - The Herald Sun

By Rebecca Lister in collaboration with David Bardas

A comedy drama exploring the dilemma of 'retirement'
and the impact it has on a relationship.

What happens when the suit no longer fits; when the lifestyle you've so carefully sculpted for yourself comes to an end? Home for Lunch is the story of one man's coming of age – the end of an era, the search for new meaning.

With a complete lack of personal insight Steven finds himself home for lunch – retired, lost and afraid. Both Steven and his wife, Heather, are thrown by this new arrangement. Throughout their marriage they have played out carefully constructed roles, now that has all changed. Using pathos, comedy and drama, Home for Lunch is a look at one man's personal journey as he learns to let go and move on.

World Premiere at Chapel off Chapel, June - July 2011

Directed by Lucy Freeman
Actors: Dennis Coard, Margot Knight,
Kirsty Child, Matthew King and Stig Wemyss
Designer: Tanja Beer
Lighting Design: Glenn Hughes
Sound Design: David Ellis and Clint Chin-Quan

Based on an original idea
by David Bardas
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